Where To Buy Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA)?

where to buy conjugated linoleic acid cla

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You can buy conjugated linoleic acid supplements at a local health food store or online. When choosing a CLA product, you should look for a high CLA content on the label.

3 Best CLA Supplements

1. Essential CLA 1140
Each softgel: 1000 mg CLA
–> Available here

2. DaVinci Tonalin CLA
Each softgel: 800 mg CLA
–> Available here

3. Twinlab CLA
Each softgel: 770 mg CLA
–> Available here

Dr Oz Recommended CLA Dosage For Weight Loss

For those who want to lose belly fat, Dr Oz recommends taking 1000 mg of CLA per day.




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