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Chlorogenic Acid Enriched Coffee: Rich Rewards Breakfast Blend by Life Extension

life extension rich rewards breakfast blend, Chlorogenic Acid Enriched Coffee

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Unroasted green coffee beans are a rich source of antioxidants, especially chlorogenic acids, which are highly beneficial for health. Chlorogenic acids can aid in blood sugar control, weight management and lowering high blood pressure.  Regular coffee consumption has been associated with reduced risk of type 2 diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular disease, dementia, liver cirrhosis, obesity and other diseases.

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On Dr Oz Show: Dr Joel Fuhrman Crash Diet

joel fuhrman diet, eat to live joel fuhrman, dr fuhrman eat to live
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Dr Joel Furhman, author of Eat to Live, appeared on Dr Oz show to talk about his diet plan that has helped thousands of people lose weight and recover from severe health conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, high  blood pressure and autoimmune illnesses.

Dr Oz has known Dr Fuhrman since medical school. He has referred his patients to Dr Furhman and witnessed amazing results for weight loss and health restoration. This is why he approves Dr Furhman’s 7-Day Crash Diet for losing weight fast and healthily.

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7 Healthy Late Night Snacks

People who stay up late often develop food cravings and end up eating too much of the wrong foods. This is why late night eating causes weight gain.

How do you satisfy your late night cravings without piling on the pounds? The trick is to choose the right snacks that are filling and low in calories. Here are 7 healthy late night snacks that are nutritious and filling…

7 Best Late Night Snacks

1. Vegetable sticks with or without dip

Nutrient rich vegetables can fill you up without throwing off your diet plan. They are high in fiber and low in calories. You can have carrot, cucumber, celery or bell pepper with your favourite nut butter, hummus, guacamole or salsa for a tastier snack.

2. Greek yogurt

When it comes to a filling yet healthy late night snack, Greek yogurt is the ideal choice. It is packed with protein and low in sugar. You can also add some berries, apple or any of your favourite fruits, or even nuts for extra crunchiness.

 3. Protein bars

Low carb protein bars are a healthy alternative to candy bars for satisfying your late night cravings. Make sure you select those that are high in protein and fiber, and low in sugar, to keep you satiated.

4. Fruits

While fruits are great for satisfying sweet cravings, you should avoid those with high sugar content. Some of the good choices include  avocados, blackberries, blueberries, plums, apples and strawberries.

When sugar cravings hit, some people are likely to make poor food choices. It is good practice to prepare a fruit salad and keep it in the fridge so you can have it as a healthy late night snack.

5. Nuts and seeds

Nuts and seeds are good sources of heart healthy fats, minerals, fiber and protein. They curb hunger, which help in supporting weight loss.

Almonds, peanuts and cashews are among the most popular options. Pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds also fill the hunger gap while offering a powerful nutrient boost.

6. Egg whites

Egg whites are filling and make a great healthy late night snack. They are a great source of protein, vitamins and minerals.

Whether you have them fried, boiled, scrambled or poached, they are fast and easy to prepare.

Eating egg whites need not be boring. Check out these –> 5 Healthy egg white late night snack ideas

7. Cottage cheese

Mix cottage cheese with nuts and berries (or other fruits) for a high protein, healthy late night snack.


7 Effective Ways on How to Stop Sugar Cravings

For many people struggling to lose weight, sugar intake has been identified as a major factor. The problem with sugar is that our bodies sometimes crave for it even when we don’t really need it. Most people simply don’t know how to stop sugar cravings and usually end up giving in to them.

Excessive consumption of sugar is the main cause of obesity, insulin resistance and diabetes.

Putting an End to Cravings

While for some, sugar cravings border on addiction, the vast majority of people can easily control them. The first step is to identify the signs that you are overly dependent on sugar which include:

- Feeling lethargic or lacking energy after having sugary foods
- Wanting sweets even when you feel full
- Difficulty losing weight even with an active lifestyle

It is not always as simple as avoiding buying sugary foods. When we crave sugar we will find ways to get a fix, so the goal must be to minimize cravings. This will not only be a boost for overall health, but it could also mean savings on groceries as well.

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