Dr Oz Cancer Fighting Supplement: Black Raspberry

dr oz black raspberry freeze dried cancer fighting supplement

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On Dr Oz show, Dr Lindsey Duncan (naturopathic doctor and certified nutritionist) reveals why black raspberry is his favourite cancer fighting supplement. He takes it everyday without fail.

How Does Black Raspberry Differ From Other Berries?
The main differences are in its colour and micronutrient content.

Black raspberry is high in antioxidants, anthocyanins and ellagic acid.

Anthocyanin is found in the colour pigmentation of black raspberry. It is a healing compound that is anti-inflammatory, supports immunity, eyes, brain function and healthy blood pressure. Black raspberries contain several hundred times more anthocyanins than most other berries.

Black raspberries have high ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorption Capacity), about 3 times more than that of blueberries. This is a measurement of its ability to scavenge and neutralise free radicals that cause premature aging, inflammation and diseases.

Ellagic acid has anti bacterial and anti viral properties to support immunity.

Black Raspberry Health Benefits
- healthy vision and eyes
- heart health
- memory and brain function
- healthy blood pressure
- immune function

Black Raspberry & Cancer
Dr Lindsey said that the active compounds in black raspberry may help prevent esophageal and cervical cancer.

How to Choose a High Quality Black Raspberry Supplement?
Look for black raspberries that are freeze dried to lock in the freshness and nutrients.

Genesis Today 100% Pure Black Raspberry uses the finest black raspberries harvested at the peak of freshness. The black raspberries are freeze dried to maintain freshness and high potency. This supplement contains no preservatives, fillers, binders, colorings or chemicals. It is free from gluten and soy.

(Note: Dr Lindsey is the founder and CEO of Genesis Today)

Recommended Dosage
Take 300 mg, twice a day.

Dr Lindsey said that 1 capsule of 300 mg is equivalent to 4 cups of black raspberries.

Where to Buy Black Raspberry Supplement
You can buy Genesis Today 100% Pure Black Raspberry here




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