Passion Flower For Anxiety

Passion flower (passiflora incarnata) is perenial climbing vine that is native to southern United States and Latin America.

Traditional Uses
Passion flower has long been used as a mild sedative and for treating anxiety, insomnia and hysteria.

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Passion Flower

Other traditional uses include:
- pain relief
- muscle spasm
- asthma
- epilepsy
- nerve pain
- diarrhea
- hemorrhoids
- burns
- menstrual cramps

Current Uses
Passion flower is currently used as a sedative and for treating anxiety.

Studies demonstrated that passion flower extract:
- was as effective as oxazepam drug for treating generalized anxiety disorder
- reduced preoperative anxiety
- reduced anxiety and opiate withdrawal symptoms

dr oz passion Flower tea for anxiety

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How Does Passion Flower Work?
It is suggested that passion flower increases GABA chemical in the brain. GABA reduces brain cell activity and thus, promotes relaxation. This may explain the sedative and anxiolytic (anti anxiety) properties of passion flower.

Forms of Passion Flower
- Dried herb
- Liquid extract
- Tea
- Capsule
- Oil

Where to Buy Passion Flower
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- Liquid extract –> Available at: NaturalWellBeing,, Amazon Canada, Amazon UK
- Capsules –> Available at:, Amazon Canada, Amazon UK
- Dried herb –> Available at: StarWestBotanicals, Amazon UK



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