Red Rice Yeast Dosage To Lower Cholesterol

Most red yeast rice supplement comes in 600 mg capsule. Typically, the recommended dosage is 2 capsules twice a day with food, so you are getting 2,400mg/day. You may want to start with a lower dose and can see how you react. Follow the dosage on the label or as recommended by your doctor.

You should not rely on red yeast rice or medication only, so be sure to get regular exercise and eat a healthily to manage your cholesterol levels.

Since red yeast rice extract supplements vary remarkably in the actual content of monacolins, it may not be easy to choose a high quality product. Some of them are contaminated with a toxin known as citrinin.

We have identified 3 top red yeast rice extract supplements, which are of high quality and virtually free from citrinin. Click on this link to read more –> Where to buy red yeast rice extract supplements




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