Relora and Weight Loss

relora and weight loss

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Stress and Weight Gain
When you are stressed, your body produces high levels of stress hormones, especially cortisol that results in storage of fat in the midsection. Stress also results in cravings for sweets or carbs, so called comfort foods.

Lack of Sleep and Weight Gain
Insufficient sleep causes weight gain through its effects on 2 hormones. As the amount of sleep decreases,
- leptin (satiety hormone) decreases
- grehlin (hunger hormone) increases

As a result, there is increased hunger and cravings for high calorie foods and sweets. These are poor food choices, and over eating them certainly leads to weight gain.

Relora and Weight Loss
Since Relora normalises cortisol levels in the body, reduces stress and promotes restful sleep, it may help control weight and stress related eating.

While exercise and proper nutrition are the keys to weight loss, they may not be sufficient for stressed or sleep deprived individuals. Overweight or obese people who eat in response to stress may benefit from taking Relora supplement.




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